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Mold Testing Services

Professional Mold Inspection and Testing Procedures

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Professional Mold Inspection Procedures

Are you concerned you may have mold and mildew in your home, office, or other structures? If you can see mold, have a musty smell in your home, or if a home inspector or other professional has located mold during a home inspection, contact All Suburban Mold Services for a mold inspection. Here is a brief description of the procedures we follow during a mold inspection:

Visual Inspection of Mold and Moisture Problems

The primary step in recognizing a potential mold and mildew issue is the visual inspection. Throughout this stage, we will look for a few factors: evidence of dampness, leakage or water intrusion, direct signs of mold growth, as well as areas with a possibility for future mold and mildew infestation. Our assessment will cover the indoor space, crawl space or basement area, and attic. The outside of the dwelling will be inspected for evidence of water damage or environmental or structural problems that may allow water into your home.

Surface Mold Testing

Tape or swab sampling is used to determine if a suspicious substance is mold and if so, what type of mold it is.

This strategy is valuable in ruling out mold in areas where there is discoloration or otherwise exhibit mold and mildew like conditions. For this sampling technique a clear tape or swab samples taken of the suspect area. Material accumulated on the tape or swab is sent to an independent laboratory for mold testing.

Mold Testing Air Samples

Air sampling is one of the most reliable technique for determining whether mold spores are present in a certain area. We use the Aero-Cell cassette for collecting air mold samples. Air quality is tested by drawing 15 cubic liters of air per minute through the cassette which collects mold spores on a glass slide inside the cassette. This procedure takes about 5 minutes per sample. The mold sample is then sent to an independent lab where the spores are identified and counted. An outdoor “baseline” test is taken to identify what a normal level of mold spores is in your area at that time of year. The baseline sample is then compared to the indoor sample.

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