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Mold Testing, Mold Removal, Mold Remediation

Any amount of mold contamination has the potential to be a

serious health issue for anyone occupying or working within

the space. Mold can trigger all sorts of health conditions,

everything from allergies to asthma, dizziness, nausea,

headache, difficulty breathing, wheezing, itchy eyes, and in

extreme cases, memory loss and neurological issues. 

Some of these issues may become permanent through

repeated exposure to certain strains of mold.

The professional mold abatement and removal team at

All Suburban can eliminate your mold problem before it gets

worse.  Not only do we have the safety equipment to

locate, isolate, and treat your mold problem, we do so without

endangering other areas of the property. Mold is transferred

through spores that are both microscopic and airborne and

without the proper tools and removal methods, it can lead to

cross-contamination of other spaces. Let the professional team

at All Suburban Mold Services handle it. We have the training

and equipment necessary to do the job right the first time by

treating mold at the source. Call us at 847-338-1004 or email us

today at

Mold normally  grows in places that have higher-than-

average humidity, and the aftermath of a flood, or even just a

leaky pipe, can provide mold exactly the sort of environment it

needs to survive and thrive. Mold can be dangerous for several

reasons, the first being it can ruin your health and the second

being mold can grow just about anywhere.  Once mold has

gotten into your home, it can be difficult to remove. Mold

spores are tiny and airborne, and they can cause a variety

of flu-like symptoms including congestion, scratchy throat,

nosebleeds, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Some

strains of mold can even cause permanent damage

through exposure. If you have water damage or suspect

that mold might be present, don't wait around for it to

get worse. Call All Suburban Mold Services today!

We will not only remove the  mold, but identify the factors

that caused it in the first place.

Our IICRC certified team is experienced and professional,

with the tools and training they need to get the job done

right the first time. 



Bob supervised remediation of a mold infestation of

an area of our house, due to cracks in masonry. He was

meticulous in his assessment of the problem and

held the contractor to the highest standards in doing

the remediation work (a sub par job would have been done

without his supervision). He is a consummate

professional, was readily available, and kept in close

communication with us. As two physicians who often

deal with the health consequences of mold infestations,

we would highly recommend having Bob vet any

remediation job you have, to insure it is done completely

and safely.

Dr. Gregory L

Hinsdale IL

Excellent on all counts-Responsive, professional,

courteous and reasonably priced.  After the testing, we

did have to have remediation done. The house was being

sold and it was important to address the mold issue

quickly. Bob and his team took care of everything

within a week. As an added bonus, the remediation had

a transferable warranty. I would heartily recommend this



Elizabeth B. Westchester IL


Toxic mold is a serious matter. You can get cheap test

at home kits and/or go with a cheap service, but I don't

recommend it. When it comes to toxic mold you need to

get things done right the first time or you will just make

matters worse. All Suburban Mold Services will do it right

the first time.


Andres S. in West Chicago IL







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